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Large storage of dry specimens

How the sample is stored affects the quality of the sample. Therefore, if the sample is not of quality The museum Can refuse to accept the deposit

Document Code of ISO9001 References I-NS-NBT-01


  • Dry the sample or reduce the humidity to a minimum. By using a convection oven or convection oven or oven based on the principle of slowly removing water and moisture from the sample and eventually drying. If the dryer is hot air, be careful of blowing small samples in the dryer. Suitable heat according to the standard of drying is between 45 - 55 degrees Celsius (time of baking depends on the size, thickness of the example, for example, small size takes from 5 hrs. To large, such as mushroom shelf. Ganoderma mushroom takes between 3 - 7 days. Thick specimens are to be sliced ​​into thin slices before baking. That is, the sample was assembled and returned to a state of dried mushroom.)

  • Packed in a plastic box or in a vacuum-sealed plastic bag Packaging selection depends on the nature and size of the sample. Plastic boxes must be sealed with tape or re-airtight, etc.

  • Eliminate contamination and eliminate embedded insects in the sample. Often found with thick specimens that the insects will later destroy the specimen when they are put into the enclosure if they survive the heat. (Method 4) Record the decontamination date as evidence for future reference.

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