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Plant Bank


Plant Bank was established in 2019 under the management of NBT and consists of four research teams: Seed bank, Plant tissue culture bank, Herbarium, and Forest ecology. We collaborate harmoniously across the research team and with our stakeholders to achieve long-term conservation of national plant resources.

Principal activities/research

To become a seed baking infrastructure for long-term ex-situ conservation with high quality performance technologies to secure plant species from extinction and decline.

To preserve plant species that cannot be stored in our Seed Bank, in vitro micropropagation and the slow-growth tissue induction technique are being developed.

To develop cryopreservation techniques on both economically important plants and critically endangered species for long-term plant genetic resource conservation under ultra-low temperatures.

To provide plant references base on dried plant specimen and DNA barcoding techniques, along with their important data that is unique to each plant species.

To improve understanding of changes in the forest ecosystem, plant-animal interactions, and the effects of ecological changes that benefit national and global conservation management by using field data and modern technology such as remote sensing and machine learning.


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