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Microbe Bank


Mission for industry. This aligns well with the nation's bio-circular-green (BCG) model which aims to sustainably utilize Thailand's biological resources.

NBT Culture Collection (NBTCC) 

serves as the nation's "microbial collection" for the purpose of long-term microorganism preservation and microbial metadata. More than 10,000 strains in the NBTCC, including bacteria and archaea, mushrooms and fungi (marine fungi and xylariaceous fungi) are currently being qualitatively examined and verified by researchers specializing in microbial taxonomy


Principal activities/research

Characterize bio specimens using polyphasic approach; e.g. Genomic data and Phenotypic data (morphology, peptide mass fingerprint and fatty acid profiles etc.)

Investigate potential microbes for medicine and health care, agriculture, food industry, material science and environmental science.

Investigate diversity of microbes in a forest ecosystem, as well as their functional mechanisms and interactions, using metagenomic approach.

Long-term preservation in the NBT Culture Collection with different methods, e.g. cryopreservation, freeze-drying or others depending on types of microbes.


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