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Preservation of specimens of fungi in microstructures.

Because this group of fungi has a small structure. The packaging must be made and the molded material will not move due to structural damage, or the depositor may be used to formulate a glass slide. And can be permanently sealed

Document Code of ISO9001 References I-NS-NBT-01


  • Pattern of wood pieces Service recipient has to pin the wooden pieces in the area where the sample was raised. Packed into a plastic box and fix the wooden pieces to prevent the wood from moving inside the box. And bake samples as in step 3.1 to be free from germs or insects that may be attached to the wood pieces. And sealed the box not to let air in Label specific details. Scientific name and sample code on the box

  • Styles of permanent sealed glass slides This applies to samples that do not build a large structure. Invisible to the naked eye or Stereo microscope camera, the customer must make a permanent Microscopic Mounting Slide, the glass slide must be sterilized or disinfected by the surrounding with Ethanol 75% or a comparable method to prevent the occurrence of Spread infection and prevent contamination from the glass. Label specific details. Scientific name and sample code onto the sealed glass slide or glass slide box.

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