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Rental service of dried mushroom samples in the country.


Fungarium opening hours: 9:00 a.m. - 5:00 p.m.

Time for accepting applications: Monday - Friday, 9:00 a.m. - 12:00 p.m.

Note: In the event that a request from a customer comes in after 12:00 noon will be processed on the next day.

History of the fungus museum

Mushroom Museum or BIOTEC Bangkok Herbarium (BBH) has a long history from 1996 to the present. At that time, the abbreviated name for the location of the fungus was NBCRC herbarium.

Service Level Agreement (SLA) 2021 Borrowing of domestic dry specimens

  1. Deliver the dry sample to the customer. Within 4 working days

  2. Provide service to borrow no more than 25 samples at a time.

  3. No. 2 borrowers can borrow the next time when all previous borrowers have been successfully returned.

  4. SLA from receipt of complete borrowing documents Staff to get service

  5. Notify E-mail back customers, service date at which SLA started.

Additional documents

Consideration conditions for deposit samples

References I-NS-NBT-01


Large storage of dry specimens

References I-NS-NBT-01

Preservation of specimens of fungi in microstructures.

References I-NS-NBT-01

Genomic DNA

References I-NS-NBT-01

Quality of dried specimens, fungi

It depends on the initial sampling method in the field. Until it arrives to prepare the dry sample And stored in the warehouse

If the sample is not properly selected early, it will result in poor sample quality from the time of the drying of the sample in the field. But if quality samples were selected But the method for drying is not suitable. This will affect the quality of the dry sample.

For example, cell degeneration cannot be examined after DNA degeneration cannot be extracted, etc.

Samples at the museum accept only reference samples.

The type of sample collected is

  1. Dry mushroom

  2. Permanently sealed microslides

  3. Genomic DNA stored in the form of Speed Vacuum Dry that is suitable for storage in 18 degrees room only. Genomic DNA storage that is ready for use. Store at a temperature of -80C which is rated as part of the service of Gene Bank.

Have questions, want to ask questions

Or ask for advice, contact in 2 ways


📞 : +66 2 564 7000 ext. 71454

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